COVID-19 Vaccine in Georgia
Vaccine Distribution Phases. Phase 1: Limited vaccine availability Phase 1A: Paid or unpaid persons who have the potential to be directly or indirectly exposed to COVID-19, including hospital staff, clinical staff, EMS, first responders and urgent care staff Residents and staff in long-term care facilities Phase 1B: People who play a key role in keeping essential functions and society running Police and fire personnel not included in Phase 1A Critical workforce employees (pharmacy staff, teachers and school employees, food processors, grocery store employees, transportation staff, power plant employees, air traffic controllers, etc.) All adults 75 and older and those 65 and older with significant comorbidities and their caregiver Phase 1C: People at higher risk for severe COVID-19 illness not vaccinated during previous phases Adults aged 65 and older and caregivers Adults below age 65 with comorbidities Phase 2: Increased vaccine availability Nonclinical public health, hospital and long-term care facility workers and their family members Individuals in homeless shelters Individuals in congregate settings (dorms, group homes) Staff and individuals in jails, prisons, detention centers Adults aged 31-64 Phase 3: Vaccine widely available The general population and children, once the vaccine is approved for pediatric use
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