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Netherworld announces 2 new horrifying themes for its 26th season of haunts

Some kids will say that heading back to school is horrifying. It marks the end to sleeping in and spending all day on the phone. But it also marks the winding down of summer and the start to fall.

PHOTOS: Netherworld celebrates 25 years of scares

And with fall comes another horrifying experience, the return of Netherworld.

Created in 1997 by industry veterans Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong, Netherworld consistently ranks as one of the top haunted houses in the country.

Each year, Netherworld features two haunts. For 2022, Messina and Armstrong have announced visitors will plunge headlong into an adrenaline-pumping adventure as they explore the Undying Horror and Parasitic.

“Netherworld always strives to deliver unique themes and experiences each year,” Armstrong said. “We have built some amazing new scenes and absolutely crazy new monsters this season! The Undying Horror and Parasitic are both very scary and elaborate attractions filled with tons of terrifying creatures that I think haunt goers will freak out about!”

Concealed in the chaos of a deadly storm, in the Undying Horror, an ancient monstrosity launches massive tentacles to the surface world corrupting everything it touches. Can a battle-worn group of survivors fight their way past the legions of Wraiths and Netherspawn to defeat this nightmarish creature or will the world fall to the Undying Horror?

In Parasitic, a bizarre parasitic plant-based life form — filled with the twisted power of Planet X and grown on a discarded husk of The Harvestman — springs to unnatural life in the top-secret facility known as The Box. After infecting the staff with mind-controlling spores and unleashing an army of carnivorous plant and fungus-based creatures, it seeks vengeance on its foolish captors before attempting to escape into the world of humans.

Netherworld opens on Sept. 23.

PHOTOS: Netherworld celebrates 25 years of scares

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