Neighbors assess damage in central Georgia left by likely tornado

BONAIRE, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News was there Wednesday as homeowners along Fairway Drive in Houston County got their first look at the damage left by a likely tornado Tuesday night.

Toppled trees, collapsed roofs and sharp debris were a common sight in the neighborhood after storms left a long path of destruction.

Lisa Sabbath’s home took a direct hit.

“One of my garage doors blew out. I’ve got broken windows on the left side over there,” Sabbath said.

She told Channel 2′s Michael Seiden that she hunkered down inside her home with the two dogs by her side.

“I heard a bunch of wind and debris hitting the house. The freight sound like everyone talks about. I didn’t see anything because I didn’t look out the window,” Sabbath said.

“You’ve been living here for 25 years. Have you ever experienced anything like you experienced last night?” Seiden asked Sabbath.


“Never. We’ve often heard the storm sirens from the base, but it’s never produced anything,” Sabbath said.

Seiden walked through the neighborhood Wednesday as cleanup crews worked to clear the debris.

Sabbath said she’s just grateful no one was injured

“I was praying that the tornado wouldn’t hit us,” Sabbath said.

Seiden spoke with a county official who told me that other areas are dealing with a lot of downed power lines and trees, but the homes along Fairway Drive appeared to take the brunt of the storm.

Luckily, no one was injured from the storm.