5 Marietta boys give back to their neighborhood sanitation workers, mailman

MARIETTA, Ga. — A simple act of kindness at the beginning of the year has opened up the hearts and minds of five boys in a Cobb County neighborhood.

The boys, who are 8 to 13 years old, told Channel 2′s Heather Catlin that they live in a neighborhood with a lot of houses.

The group knows their sanitation workers and mailman work very hard.

So, they decided to ask neighbors to donate some money, calling it “A Dollar on Your Door.”

“Everyone who wanted to donate would put a dollar on their door. We went around collecting it with little bags,” Cameron said.


Cameron, Kip, Deckland, Luke and Owen spent several days going door-to-door collecting donations.

Their mothers helped come up with the idea and said the response was overwhelming.

“For me the biggest take away was how much people they wanted to give and how graciously they gave,” Cameron’s mother said.

The boys divided their money collected and gave it to 13 men who service their neighborhood.

The reaction is something the families will never forget.

They were super happy and they clapped.

The boys told Catlin that they are hopeful they can do something like this again next year.