41% of voters still undecided as Moore maintains slight lead in Atlanta mayor’s race, poll shows

ATLANTA — With less than two weeks before Atlanta residents decide who will lead the city, a new poll shows the two candidates getting the most support.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows that 24% of likely voters say they would vote for city council president Felecia Moore. Former mayor Kasim Reed has 20%.

Some 41% of voters are undecided.

“I think it’s time for new leadership, and someone with a track record of integrity and honesty,” voter Jeff Connell said.

He told Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston that’s why he plans to vote for Felicia Moore in the upcoming mayor’s race.

The most recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution mayor’s poll shows Moore ahead of Reed, 24% to 20% respectively.

But Moore’s victory is still within the margin of error, making the race a statistical tie.

Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane said even though there are 14 candidates, this is a two-person race.


“I believe we’ll see a runoff Nov. 30 between Kasim Reed and Felicia Moore,” Reed said.

But what’s surprising about the poll with just two weeks before the election is 41% of voters say they have no idea who they plan to vote for. Katherine Stanfill said she’s one of those undecided voters.

“I really need to do my research. I think there’s a lot of information on some of the candidates behind the scenes that’s important for voters to understand,” Stanfill said.

Crane said 41% undecided this close to the race is extremely unusual and he suspects people aren’t telling pollsters the truth.

“They don’t have to answer pollster questions honestly when they get that phone call and there may be as there were understated voters for Donald Trump in 2016, where the polling did not capture the amount of support he had in places across the country,” Crane said.

Huddleston spoke with both candidates’ camps on Friday.

Felicia Moore’s campaign said they are excited that the latest polls show that their campaign consistently ranks at the top of a two-person race.

Reed’s campaign said it is not taking any vote for granted and they are working hard every day and delivering a message of safety and economic prosperity.