Atlanta Community Food Bank gets $55K, thanks to YouTube competition

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Community Food Bank is getting a $55,000 donation, all thanks to a YouTuber from Cumming.

Eric Decker, known as Airrack on YouTube, competed in a tournament against 14 other popular YouTube creators.

The winning jackpot was $1 million.

Decker lost, but the guy who won gave him another chance to win big.

The 15 creators, who each have millions of followers, competed in what’s appropriately called “The Creator Games,” put on by another YouTuber, Mr. Beast.

The man who won the $1 million prize is Zach King. He decided to give it all away to his subscribers and to charity.

“So kicking things off, I’m giving away a Tesla,” King announced on his YouTube channel.

King also gave Decker a chance to win $55,000 for his charity of choice by eating extremely hot chicken wings.

“I think the highest level was 3 million Scoville. It’s like the equivalent of eating 3,000 jalapenos at the same time,” King told Channel 2′s Heather Catlin.

Decker dominated — although with a few tears.


“I feel horrible. like absolutely atrocious,” Decker said.

But he said it was all worth it.

“Coming from a small-town kid in Cumming, Georgia, combine with and having the opportunity to win back money for the home city that’s way, way worth it. I’ll go through anything for that,” Decker said.

Decker volunteered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank when he lived in Atlanta and immediately knew that was where he wanted the money to go.

“I have so much faith in that organization. And I’ve seen that organization at work, and I’ve seen the people on the receiving end, so it was a no-brainer for me to donate all the money there,” Decker said.

Catlin spoke with a board member at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, who said this is a huge gift. Every dollar can feed up to four people, so $55,000 can provide 220,000 meals, and the need is there.

The board member told Catlin that with this economy, demand has skyrocketed.