Could falling gas prices impact November’s election? Here’s what we found

ATLANTA — Gas prices continue to fall in Georgia for the second straight week. AAA says those prices are down 13 cents from last week.

High gas prices, high inflation and recession fears are all top issues for the upcoming election -- and all those issues that could favor Republicans.

But if gas prices come back down and recession fears ease, then issues like abortion and gun control could gain prominence -- issues that could favor Democrats.

Holli Manders is an American sign language interpreter who lives in Stone Mountain but works in Carrollton.

The high gas prices hit her hard.

“Near us, it’s about $4, $4.38. So that’s pretty high. That’s why we shop around,” Manders said.

But while gas prices remain high, AAA reports they’ve been dropping across North Georgia -- down $0.24 a gallon over the past month.

The average in Georgia is $4.19 a gallon, with Atlanta prices the highest at $4.28 a gallon.


Channel 2 political analyst Bill Crane told Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot that economic issues like high gas prices, high inflation and recession fears are impacting the upcoming elections in Georgia with social issues such as abortion and gun control running close behind.

But he said dropping gas prices may make those other social issues more prominent.

“If we go back, if you say, even $3 for a gallon of gasoline by the fall, this entity, this issue would be much muted,” Crane said.

But Crane adds that lower gas prices don’t mean lower inflation, and he still believes the economy could overshadow abortion and gun control as main voting issues which could favor Republicans over Democrats.

Manders said she’ll consider all those issues when she votes, but she admits candidates’ stances on the economy are tops with her.

“I’ll definitely want to vote for somebody that has the same ideal as me and bringing down prices and making it more affordable to me,” Manders said.

And you can tell how important the gas price issue is to the candidates.

Gov. Brian Kemp keeps touting that he has suspended the gas tax, keeping Georgia prices lower than in other states. Democrat Stacey Abrams is calling for that tax to now be suspended throughout the end of the year.