Family members of people killed by police rally in front of Fulton DA’s office

ATLANTA — A large group protested outside of the Fulton County district attorney’s office Monday, saying they want justice for their family members killed by police.

Some of those family members included relatives of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor, from Louisville, Ky., was killed when an officer fired shots into an apartment during a 2020 drug raid.

Taylor’s aunt, Bianca Austin, told Channel 2′s Audrey Washington that she felt compelled to come to Georgia and stand with the other families.

The group urged Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to indict the police officers involved in the shooting deaths of young black people in Georgia.

“We’re also fighting for my sister, Daphne Robinson. Her son, Jabril Robinson, was murdered in Clayton County. Kathy Light — her son murdered in Columbus, Ga.,” one of the protesters said during the rally Monday. “Every last one of our children was murdered because the officers said they feared for their lives.”

The group included the families of Vincent Truitt and Jimmy Atchison. Both men were shot and killed during encounters with the police.


Atchison’s family said they pushed the DA to hold the officer who shot the 21-year-old accountable.

“She told me we can agree to disagree. She told me I might not like her decision. These are things she told me to my face,” the family member said, not identifying themselves.

In a previous statement, Willis said she would resolve all police use-of-force cases by the end of the year.

But the father of Jacob Blake Jr., the Wisconsin man shot several times by police in 2020, said that’s not enough.

“We cannot allow the fight to be smothered, to be squashed,” Jacob Blake Sr. said.

Austin had a message for Willis.

“I want her to understand that there is an issue with police brutality in Atlanta,” Austin said.

The group then marched to the state Capitol. They promised to return to the DA’s office in the coming weeks.

Contacted the district attorney’s office for comment about the rally. She has not heard anything back.