Felica Moore says video claiming TI, Issac Hayes III cost her election was taken out of context

ATLANTA — A new TMZ video shows former Atlanta mayoral candidate Felicia Moore accusing rapper TI and producer Issac Hayes III of spreading false claims about her.

Moore told Channel 2′s Audrey Washington that the portions of the video were taken out of context and that she doesn’t believe TI or Hayes cost her the election but said their social media posts didn’t help.

“They lied then, saying I wanted to close all recording studios,” Moore said during the video.

In one social media post, Hayes wrote in part: “Can’t trust a woman that tried to close recording studios.”

He also posted: “Can’t trust a woman that pulls a post down when her MAGA base threatened not to vote for her cause she did.”

On Instagram, TI reposted an article with the headline, “Woman running for Atlanta mayor promises to close all strip clubs.”

“Issac Hayes III in particular, I think he has some kind of obsession with tearing me down. I feel sorry for the karma he will receive in life,” Moore said in the video.

Washington spoke with Hayes on Friday. He said he stands behind his posts.

“She had several times to defend Black people, Black lives, Black men, Black women and she chose to appease the Buckhead very conservative Trump base,” Hayes said.


Soon after the TMZ video went viral, rumors circulated claiming Moore blamed her campaign loss on TI and Hayes.

Washington called Moore Friday morning. She said the TMZ video was heavily edited, recorded before Election Day and that she doesn’t blame her failed bid for mayor on Hayes and TI alone.

“There were multiple things that happened, some that were my campaign’s fault and other people putting out false narratives. But at the end of the day, I am done with it. The campaign is over and (we) must focus on bringing the city together and moving forward,” Moore said.

Washington tried to contact TI for comment about Moore’s statements, but she did not hear back.