Georgia at the top of states seeing the most resignations

ATLANTA — As many businesses are having issues filling open jobs, a new study has found that Georgia is No. 2 when it comes to states who are seeing the most resignations.

“Millions of Americans are quitting their jobs each month, even in the face of high inflation. The incentives available from changing jobs, as well as a desire to get away from careers impacted most by COVID-19, are two big factors driving what’s been dubbed the ‘Great Resignation.’ As a result, new job applicants have a lot of leverage,” said WalletHub, who did the study.

According to their research, Georgia came in second for the highest job resignation rates across the U.S. The only state to beat us out was Kentucky.


“Burnout, often as a result of an unsustainable workload, lack of opportunity for advancement, and poor leadership are all reasons why employees resign,” said Benjamin Biermeier-Hanson, Assistant Professor at Radford University. “The COVID-19 pandemic led to more opportunities for people to find another job, often at a significantly higher salary in many industries. Finally, the pandemic led some to reevaluate how their values aligned with their work, whether that related to an organization’s mission or to the degree to which employees viewed work as central to other aspects of life, such as family or other interests.”

Montana, Alaska, and South Carolina rounded out the top five states with the highest resignation rates.

The states that saw the fewest resignations were Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

Will this be a long-term problem?

“Most employees will return to the workforce because they need to support themselves and their families. But some employees may reject employers that limit or exclude remote work, preferring to seek employment with employers that are more flexible about working from home,” said Christine N. O’Brien, retired professor of business law at Boston College Carroll School of Management.