High oil prices causing jet fuel price surge, affecting flights

ATLANTA — The current high cost of oil has the potential to continue to affect flights for travelers ahead of Spring Break, experts warn.

Despite oil prices falling on Thursday, the volatile situation in Ukraine makes it hard to predict the future of oil prices.

“I fully expect price changes to come along to the consumer,” Andy Milton, Senior Vice President of Supply at Mansfield Oil, told Channel 2′s Matt Johnson.

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Some airlines announced they have reduced the number of flights available due to oil prices.

Also contributing to jet fuel concerns is the limited the supply compared to gasoline for drivers.

“Diesel supplies a little bit tight,” said Milton, “and that also means jet fuel, which is very similar, is a little bit tight as well.”

In addition to fuel concerns in the industry, Delta pilots protested at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Thursday about how they feel overworked.

“We’ve been working longer days and shorter nights,” said Captain Evan Baach with the Air Line Pilots Association. It has a toll.”


An extended mask mandate when traveling is fueling concerns that passengers will continue to lash out while COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted elsewhere.

“We end up taking a lot of the, of the frustration from the passenger,” said Thom McDaniel, a flight attendant and International Vice President of Transport Workers Union of America.

Most unruly passengers since 2020 have lashed out at airline staff because of masks, according to the Transport Workers Union of America. Out of 6,000 cases last year, approximately 4,400 were related to masks. In 2022, the union has tracked more than 800 case of abuse toward airline workers.

“It’s continuous, it’s ongoing, and it’s something that needs to be stopped,” said McDaniel. “We’d like to see a national mandatory banned passenger list for anyone who’s found guilty of assaulting an airport worker or flight attendant.”

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There is plenty to be stressed about these days, but the hope is that most of this is temporary.

“I think it’s really important to pay attention to the things in your life that you do have control over,” said Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, a clinical psychologist, “and the things that matter the most.”