Pair of Clark Atlanta grads headed to the Ivy Leagues

ATLANTA — On the campus of Clark Atlanta University, Taylon Lancaster is sporting a new tee shirt. A Harvard shirt.

“One word: Blessed,” Lancaster said.

Lancaster just graduated from Clark Atlanta University, earning a degree in religion.

But now he’s headed to the Ivy League for a master’s degree.

So is Christina Williams.

“Honestly, I’ve felt like a celebrity for the past 2 months. Every time I speak to someone, they have to mention Harvard,” Williams said.

She’s back home in New Jersey now, but over the weekend she took part in the pomp and circumstance.


Regarding Harvard, the School of Law no less—she says her family is excited.

“On a scale of 1 to 100, 5,000,” Williams said.

School administrators couldn’t be prouder of the graduates for what they’ve accomplished here in Atlanta, and what they will accomplish in Boston.

“What can you do with a degree from Clark Atlanta, or Morehouse, of Spelman? You can go anywhere in life you want to go, provided you want to make the trip,” professor Dennis Kimbro said.

Lancaster said Clark Atlanta paved the way.

“When you fully embrace what God has given you, whether it’s to open doors, whether it’s Clark Atlanta University, God will open up other doors. That may be Harvard or Yale. I think we should never take for granted what God provides for us, because we never know what that may be a gateway to,” Lancaster said.

Lancaster will pursue a Masters of Divinity. Williams plans to become a civil rights attorney.