Republican candidates for governor make final push ahead of primary day

ATLANTA — A lot of people have already voted in this year’s primary and the final chance to cast a ballot is just hours away.

Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston caught up the Republican candidates running for governor on Monday as they get out their final pushes in this year’s race.

Huddleston spoke with former Sen. David Perdue, who was out working for support at a former President Donald Trump endorsed “Make American Great Again” rally.

Perdue told the crowd, don’t believe the polls, he’s doing better than expected and will win the race against Gov. Brian Kemp.

“They are tired of our politicians lying to us,” Perdue said.

In a one-on-one interview, Perdue told Huddleston that Kemp, who’s running for re-election, doesn’t have what it takes to unite the party.


“I just could not see us standing on the sidelines watching this train wreck happen and let Stacey Abrams inherit the governorship,” Perdue said.

But Kemp, who is being endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence, says the GOP has plenty of room for different opinions, as long as they work to defeat the Democrats.

“I’m inviting anybody out there that wants to help my campaign and help me beat Stacey Abrams, I’m the person who has done that, and I believe I’m the only person who can do it in November,” Kemp said.

Kemp leads Perdue and other Republican candidates by a wide margin in state and national polls. But, he admits it’s been a fight to win over staunch Trump supporters like Tony Cousineau.

“I’m praying we keep Kemp at 50% and we win it in a runoff in June,” Cousineau said.

“The fact remains I have a good record and we have a great team we’ve been working with at the state capitol,” Kemp said.

Perdue said if he can continue to get good voter turnout, he can take this race to a runoff.