Woman killed in drive-by shooting was not intended target, family says

Woman killed in drive-by shooting was not intended target, family says

ATLANTA — A search is underway for whoever shot and killed a woman who was both a mother and grandmother.

The family of Eva Jones told Channel 2′s Tom Regan that she was killed during a drive-by shooting outside her apartment early Tuesday morning. They also said Jones was not the intended target.

Mimi Hixson-Smith, Jones' niece, told Regan that the perpetrator was trying to shoot her aunt’s boyfriend who was at the apartment at the time.

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“How many shots were fired into the apartment?” Regan asked Hixson-Smith.

“We cannot confirm but were advised she was shot eight to 10 times,” Hixson-Smith said.

Atlanta police responded to reports of gunfire at the Pavilion Place Apartments on Cleveland Avenue shortly after 5:30 a.m.

“The only thing that we know, her apartment was targeted, but she was not the intended target,” Hixson-Smith said.

“So, it was someone else in the apartment at the time who was targeted?” Regan asked Hixson-Smith.


“Correct, her boyfriend,” Hixson-Smith said.

The victim’s niece said she didn’t know why someone wanted to shoot the boyfriend, only that he wasn’t injured.

Jones died at the hospital. Hixson-Smith said the family is upset that police hadn’t contacted them earlier.

“My sister is far away, outside of Columbus, and she saw it on the news. And no one at that point had told me at that point that my auntie had been deceased,” Hixson-Smith said.

She said she has fond memories of her aunt, especially the elder woman’s joy and generosity.

“She was so silly. She made everybody laugh. At Christmastime, she would go out and buy all these gifts and make us play games,” Hixson-Smith said.

She told Regan that she prays those responsible for Jones' killing are caught and punished.

Police have not confirmed that the victim’s boyfriend was involved or was a target of the shooting. No arrests have been made yet.

The family said they were preparing to celebrate Jones' 60th birthday next month.

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