Better Business Bureau: Employment scams are victimizing people already struggling financially

WASHINGTON — Scammers offering fake job opportunities are targeting people who are already financially vulnerable, according to a new report by the Better Business Bureau.

The findings said Americans struggling to pay their bills are getting hit by fraudsters pretending to offer work-from-home jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

In most cases, scammers are the ones to initiate contact with the victims and they’re often reaching out by text or email.

“These are people thinking ‘great I got a job. I’m finally employed’ to then not get any money at the end of that experience and have weeks or sometimes months lost to that fake employer,” said Melissa Bittner with the bureau. “In four out of five cases, the scammer reached out and said ‘oh I found your resume online,’ or ‘oh I think you would be a really great candidate for this position.’”


The Better Business Bureau said people looking for legitimate employment opportunities should check directly with the company named in the offer.

The most impersonated company for jobs scams has been Amazon followed by Walmart, according to the report.

Many victims are handing over their personal information. In one in five cases, people are losing money from the scams.

“A scammer sent them money and said ‘this will cover your training and your supplies,’” Bittner said. “Just cash this check for us and then oh by the way we might have overpaid you. Do you mind just wiring back the difference?”

The report also found that military spouses and veterans are likely to lose more money than others.

“They lost almost double when they do lose money,” Bittner said. “These are hardworking folks who are looking for flexible work-from-home opportunities or are looking to get back into the job market after giving many years of service to our country.”