Children’s Healthcare reminding parents hospitals are open, safe and ready to help

ATLANTA — Doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta are reminding parents that they are open, safe and ready to help children who are hurting.

Children’s Healthcare said there are precautions in place at all their hospitals like Egleston, Hughes Spalding and Scottish Rite. A local family took Channel 2′s Lori Wilson through their recent experience.

Phillip Hunt had to be rushed to the emergency room after he broke his arm in a bad fall.

“I knew it was really bad when I looked over and it had a bump, ” the 14-year-old said. “It was about the size of a quarter sticking out of my arm.”

“My immediate thought was ‘Oh no, we’re going to have to go to the hospital in the current time,‘” his mother Carrie Anne Hunt told Wilson.


The accident happened March 12, the same day Gov. Brian Kemp issued a state of emergency because of COVID-19.

“My immediate concern is what’s our level of exposure going to be. Obviously that’s not something you can delay care for,” Carrie Anne said.

The mother said despite her fears, she was reassured after learning new safety protocols were quickly adopted by Children’s.

Safety protocols include limiting visitors, screening for patients and guardians, masks for everyone, virtual registration, check in and appointments and increased cleaning and sanitizing.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I’m very proud to be a part of Children’s,” said Dr. Jim Fortenberry, Children’s chief physician’s officer.

Fortenberry said their team protocols meet and exceed national standards.

“We’ve been able to step up in the face of uncertainty and really create as much certainty as we can,” he said.

Phillip’s surgery was a success and he recently returned to Children’s for his final follow-up appointment.

“It was definitely an eye opening and arm opening thing to go through,” he said.

“It’s important to get that pediatric help and not to delay care for kids who need it,” Carrie Anne said.

Children’s Healthcare said at one point patients could only have one visitor with them. They are now allowed to have two visitors again.

Fortenberry said in addition to taking care of patients, the hospital is also taking care of employees. They have brought in psychologists, yoga teachers and more to make sure everyone is healthy and well.