Clayton County

Uber Eats driver says her 2-year-old was nearly shot in drive-by outside metro bar

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — An Uber Eats driver says her whole family could have been killed when bullets started flying as she was picking up food at a bar. A bullet came within inches of hitting her 2-month-old daughter. The driver only wanted us to use her first name, Kristy. She told Channel 2′s Tom Jones she heard the shots and came out to her car where her child was in her car seat with her husband in the front seat.

“I’m literally like this, like looking saying is there blood? Is there a bullet hole? Is she okay?” Kristy said.

Kristy was not only concerned her 2-month-old daughter was almost hit by a hail of bullets — she thought she was in the line of fire. “I was terrified in my mind thinking I was going to get shot,” she recalled.

Her husband also could have been hit. “He said he was terrified,” she said.

Kristy says it was just after midnight Saturday. Her husband and child stayed in the car as she went inside the Ice Bar lounge to pick up food for delivery. She was only inside for a few minutes. “And I see people hopping over chairs and over tables,” she said. Her husband then called her from the car and said he saw people frantically running out of the bar. She says he then saw a gunman coming out of the bar. “And then the man ran out with a gun and started shooting everywhere,” she pointed out.

Kristy showed me three large bullet holes in her car. One narrowly missing their 2-month-old. “I am still in shock. I’m processing my emotions,” she said, fighting back tears.

Clayton County police said this was a drive-by shooting and multiple cars were hit. Kristy insists her husband says he saw the gunman come out of the club and start firing. She says no one checked her for weapons when she went inside. “And neither were the people coming in before me or after me,” she said.

Kristy says this has changed her life. " And it makes me want to be an activist to try and stop this violence,” she stated.

Jones went inside the bar and asked for a manager to ask about security that night. He left his business card after a worker told him no manager was available.

County Chairman Jeff Turner told me he would be looking into whether adequate security was in place that night.