Cobb County district attorney is prepping for upcoming Arbery trial

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — The Ahmaud Arbery case, which has gained national attention, is now the responsibility of Cobb County District Atttorney Flynn Broady.

Broady’s office took over this high-profile case just before he was elected.

“We are looking forward to our trial date in October and making sure this nation heals at that time,” Broady said.

Lawyers spent two days haggling over evidence and what should be shown to a jury. They looked at everything from the defendants’ jailhouse phone calls to victim Ahmaud Arbery’s past interactions with police. Arbery’s mental health was also discussed by the group.

The first panel of jurors could be brought in Oct. 18.

Arbery was shot and killed as he ran down a neighborhood street just outside of Brunswick more than a year ago. He was chased by three men, two armed with guns and another recording the incident on a phone.

Roddie Bryan, Travis McMichael and his father Greg McMichael said they thought Arbery was a burglar, and they wanted to stop him for police. Things became violent, and Arbery was killed. All three men face murder charges.


Broady said, “I’m very confident in the team we have assembled to seek justice for the Arbery family.”

The Savannah-based judge will likely take weeks to make his rulings, then almost everything will be set for a trial this fall.

“I just want this to be all over, so Ahmaud can continue to rest in peace,” said Wanda Cooper Jones, Arbery’s mother.