Cobb County park opens as a mass vaccination site for COVID-19

COBB COUNTY, Ga — One of the largest coronavirus testing locations in metro Atlanta is now a mass vaccination site.

Cobb and Douglas Public Health no longer will do testing at Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta. It will be used solely for vaccinations.

CDPH began vaccinating health care workers at the park on Thursday. Testing will continue at other satellite locations throughout Cobb County.

The health department announced it will offer the vaccine for those in group 1A+ starting next Tuesday. An online portal will go live next Monday.

Group 1A+ includes public safety employees and anyone age 65 or older.

“I will sign up and get it,” Robert Lester said.

At 74-years old, Lester doesn’t take his health for granted.


“Two bouts with cancer. I’ve had a mild stroke. So, I think it’s very important for me to try and do something,” he said. “It’s necessary. If it offers the protection that will help with this COVID-19 issue, I will go ahead and get it.”

Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens told Channel 2 Cobb County bureau chief Chris Jose that he encouraged his deputies to get the vaccine.

“I think it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s the way we can come together as a community and as the United States of America as a whole, to really put an end to this virus and kill it,” Owens said. “By everyone being vaccinated, that’s the only way we’re going to put this thing to an end.”

Owens told Jose he’s allowing deputies to get the shot during their shifts.

“It’s that important to you?” Jose asked.

“It’s that important to me. Absolutely,” said Owens. “Won’t have the excuse where I couldn’t take it because I’m working. If you need to take it during work time, you can definitely be allowed to get the shot and come back.”

Coronavirus is personal for Owens. He got sick in December and recovered.

Owens said he will get the shot next week.

“My doctor advised me since I was positive, to wait at least 30 days,” he said.

Due to large number of public safety employees, Jose learned Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services will handle the vaccinations for that group.

Those workers have a separate sign-up portal.