Crucial evidence in the 2019 shooting of Hall County deputy presented in court

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — Today was an emotional day in court as the jury got to see the ballistic vest that Nicolas Blaine Dixon wore while on duty in 2019. Dixon was killed after a gunfight in Hall County.

Prosecutors said the deputy clocked in to work and put on the vest. They reminded the jury that Dixon never got to clock out because of the actions of the three men on trial.

“This is what he put on when he went to work that night,” said Hall County Assistant District Attorney Harold Buckler.

Buckler then showed the jury the ballistic vest Dixon wore that July 2019 night when he was killed in the line of duty.

He also showed the jury a video from Dixon’s body camera. It shows the chilling moments when prosecutors said Hector Garcia Solis exchanged gunfire with Dixon.

Solis shot the father of two multiple times.

Buckler then described to the jury how Dixon called for help and struggled to breathe.

“He doesn’t know it, but he’s dying,” said Buckler.

Solis, Eric Velazquez and London Clements are now on trial facing murder and several other charges.

Prosecutors said they were a part of a dangerous crew that had been burglarizing businesses, breaking into homes and stealing cars and guns.

Dixon confronted the crew that night.


Solis’ attorney admitted Solis pulled the trigger when trying to escape Dixon.

“Not to move in for a kill. Not to try and take another human being’s life,” said defense attorney Matt Covedon.

A fourth man also faces murder charges in this case. Prosecutors said he will be tried later and will testify against these three defendants.

Velaszquez’s attorney said there is no evidence that ties him to the crime.

Clements’ attorney suggested to the jury there may be questionable witnesses who will testify.