Douglas County

Douglas County Fights Instagram account removed day after Channel 2 investigates

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A parent in Douglas County said she is relieved that a student-run Instagram account featuring kids getting into fights at school was taken down.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes recorded some of the videos from the Douglas County Fights Instagram page.

The account showed students fighting in different schools across the county.

“They just keep posting fight after fight after fight,” parent Latasha Stewart said.

Fernandes learned of the account about two weeks ago when a parent emailed Channel 2 Action News.

When Channel 2 saw that the fight page was still up this week, Fernandes contacted school administrators in Douglas County.

“That’s horrible. I’m with taking it down, yes. Take it down,” Stewart said.


Fernandes asked school administrators if they are investigating, and they said they are.

The day after Fernandes began asking questions, the page was taken down.

The student who created the account now is banned from Instagram.

Fernandes learned that this is not only happening in Douglas County. Several school districts in metro Atlanta have Instagram pages similar to Douglas County Fights.

Users can report such accounts by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the post, followed by “report.” Follow the instructions from there and Instagram usually takes the post down quickly.

“I mean, (students) should be afraid to fight like that in school,” Stewart said.

The Douglas County School District emailed Fernandes a statement that basically said they do not tolerate this kind of promotion of violence. The students in the videos are no longer allowed on campus and all students need to follow the code of conduct that affirms peace—nonviolence—and conflict resolution without anyone putting hands on another.

Fernandes also attempted to contact Instagram about the videos, which feature minors, but she never heard back from them.