Farming programs help bring organic vegetables to those in need during the pandemic

ATLANTA — Metro farms are providing fresh vegetables to many communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joyce Boyer never thought she could do it but now feels at home in a vegetable garden.

“Last year, I was able to grow corn. I was shocked that it even came up from a little seed,” Boyer said.

Boyer is part of an Atlanta effort called Georgia “Plant 2 Plate.” The program helps people who participate in the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Participants can buy produce or seedlings 50% off from local farmers.


A couple of nonprofits started the program a year ago in response to COVID-19.

Produce was in short supply at times and too expensive for many who lost their jobs. So they decided to teach people how to grow their own.

“Soil, gloves, a shovel and a kit with an explanation on how to grow everything,” Susan Desmond of Wholesome Wave Georgia said.

Healthy eating is something many say is the best benefit of the program.

“You’ll either pay on the front end or pay on the back end with the doctors. Why not have the healthy stuff right at hand,” Boyer said.