Fulton County leaders, neighbors fed up with growing street racing, car stunt problems

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Street racing and car stunts have become a weekly problem in Fulton County this year. Now, county leaders are looking for new ways to stop the danger.

It’s a problem that neighbors see and hear far too often late at night throughout Fulton County. Street racers have taken over roads and parking lots.

“It’s really all night long,” neighbor Tom Kuckelman told Channel 2 anchor Sophia Choi. “These are very powerful cars. They’re loud. They’re very fast. And they’re being driven irresponsibly.”

The latest gathering happened this weekend outside Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Buckhead. Skid marks can still be seen in the parking lot.

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Fulton County Commission Chair Robb Pitts said that street racing isn’t only damaging but dangerous. He’s asking the sheriff to help stop the stunts.

“To utilize deputies to assist wherever possible,” Pitts said.


Channel 2 Action News has reported on the growing street racing problem all across metro Atlanta.

Since the pandemic began, social media has exploded with viral videos showing large crowds gathering and watching in awe as dangerous drivers perform tricks.

Police arrested three street racers on Saturday after they blocked I-85 near Spaghetti Junction. Investigators said the illegal roadblock caused an accident on I-85 North.

Pitts told Choi he thinks it may take businesses pitching in to pay for a security team to work alongside police to stop the dangerous behavior.

“They’ve had what’s called ‘Midtown Blue’ for a long time. It may be time for us to consider something in this part of the city something like a Buckhead blue,” he said.

Pitts will meet with other county and Atlanta city leaders Thursday to look at possible solutions.