Georgia health officials have concerns about COVID infection rates following CDC meeting

ATLANTA — State health officials’ latest concern is infection rates among Georgians between first and second dose takers. They recently pointed the public toward a CDC contact tracing webinar.

Recently, more public mask mandates have been lifted. The impact of the current vaccination rates and our behavior will be clear this summer.

Denver Allison says his lowest point during the pandemic was the moment he realized he couldn’t serve people the way they needed to be served.

“I’m an overseer at a homeless shelter. We were having trouble helping people who needed help because of it,” Allison said.

Allison reached a turning point about a month ago.


“Vaccines and the way people were taking it more serious and wearing their masks,” Allison said.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr met Allison on Tuesday as he was visiting Georgia from Alabama.

Georgia’s latest data is showing improvement in the fight against COVID. Case count, positivity rate, hospitalizations and deaths are trending down. These are some of the lowest levels we have seen during the pandemic.

The largest spikes have decreased since the arrival of vaccines. Test positivity has fallen week over week.

“I really think if we can get to July 4th without a surge that, I wouldn’t say we’re home free but, we’re in a lot better shape by that time,” said Dr. Amber Schmidtke, immunologist and data analyst.

This news is promising, but some still have reservations.

“It’s still out there. I think everyone should still wear a mask and get vaccinated,” said Jermaine Drake, Georgia resident.

The same message is coming from state health officials. This week they encouraged fully vaccinated people to continue wearing masks in public settings. The state has a 30% vaccination rate.