Gwinnett County

EXCLUSIVE: Video shows people shooting up Gwinnett County home during early morning hours

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has exclusively obtained video showing a terrifying drive-by shooting where people opened fire on Gwinnett County home.

Channel 2′s Tony Thomas learned there were children inside of the home when the shooting happened and the people who live there told him that they have no idea why someone shot up their house.

The incident left the front door shattered. Some of the bullets went through two and three walls and into the back of the house.

The residents insist it’s a very dangerous case of mistaken identity.

During the video you can hear bullets raining down on the McIntosh Lane house for at least 10 seconds.

“Inside and out, bullet holes everywhere,” a woman who has relatives living in the house told Thomas.

She asked not to be identified, but she walked Thomas through the home where she showed him shattered windows and holes where bullets went clear through the house.


One bullet went through a wall above a couch -- others upstairs near where children were sleeping.

“They really need to find these people because it is a totally mistaken identity. We don’t know who they were looking for,” the woman said.

A neighbor’s camera recorded a group of people pulling up to the same house on Monday carrying weapons and demanding to see someone named Amber.

Neighbors say they’ve returned at least twice, but Wednesday around 3:45 a.m. was the first time they opened fire.

“Shell casings, I think they said they found. House looks like Swiss cheese,” neighbor Jeff Cross said.

Gwinnett County crime scene techs spent hours collecting evidence and police are gathering more videos from around the area hoping to identify the gunmen.

“These kinds of people need to be locked up. They need to be off the streets right away,” the woman said.

In the video it appears there may have been as many as four people who jumped out of the car and started shooting.