Gwinnett County

Investigators offer $10,000 reward to find serial arsonist using Molotov cocktails to set fires

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A serial arsonist is on the loose in Gwinnett County and they are now tied to at least five fires in the last month.

The fires haven’t damaged any of the many businesses or homes nearby, but a lot can change if five more fires were to happen over the next month.

That’s why fire investigators are telling people to watch out for any suspicious people near bushes in this area.

It started with one brush fire in southwest Gwinnett County but nearly a month later fire investigators realized they had an arsonist on their hands.

The person’s weapon of choice: a Molotov cocktail.

“They’re happening all throughout the day, so anywhere from midnight to the middle of the day. There’s no set time that they’re doing these, it’s just random acts,” said Stephanie Brown with Gwinnett Fire & Emergency Services

Gwinnett fire is officering up to a $10,000 reward to find who’s behind the fires. They’re all happening in the area of Sugarloaf Parkway and Five Forks Trickum Road and even down to Oak Road.


The most recent fire was Monday morning.

Police and fire investigators told Channel 2′s Matt Johnson that they don’t want any more fires that may end up threatening homes or people.

“There is some concern, that’s why we are putting this out to the public so that we can catch the perp or perps, and bring them to justice,” Brown said.

Authorities say it’s a sensitive investigation, so they haven’t released any pictures of the aftermath from the fires or given any exact locations.

They’re hopeful that getting the word out about a reward will help them figure out who’s behind the potentially dangerous fires.

There’s no word on why that particular area is being hit and no word of any witnesses who may have seen who has been lighting these fires.