Hall County

North Georgia’s peach crop bounces back following devastating freeze last year

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — While cutting into a big juicy peach, Drew Echols said it’s about as good as it gets.

“That’s where it’s at. That’s the money shot right there. We’re pretty happy with the crop this year. After 2021, losing the entire crop, it was a struggle,” Echols said.

They’re picking peaches at Jaemor Farms in Hall County. Last year they didn’t pick any because of an April freeze.

That’s why Echols is a big believer in agritourism.

“Farms are trying to insulate themselves from things they can’t control,” said Jake Tench, with the Georgia Agribusiness Council.

They’re encouraging more Georgia growers to host farm festivals and to open farmers markets if they can.

It’s what Jaemor has done, and it helps them survive a tough year for the crops.


“They have to figure out a way to make it work, and agritourism is that,” Tench said.

When last year’s peach crop was ruined, Echols pivoted to pumpkins. He doubled what they normally plant.

“Sold them all. That’s the game plan. It doesn’t matter how many you grow. It matters how many you can sell, and we sold every single one of them. So we’re doing it again this year,” Echols said.

Jaemor’s bread and butter may still be peaches, but they’ve figured out a way to do well, even when the fruit doesn’t.

“You know you’ll have to contend with some kind of weather. Freeze, drought, hailstorm or something. You have to make yourself bulletproof to those types of things,” Echols said.

Every year Jaemor hosts a pick-your-own peaches event.

It’s usually only once a year, but this Saturday will be the third.

Echols says it’s another example of agritourism at his farm.