Henry County

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary put on warning after inspection; board says they’re making improvements

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — It’s a warning urging leaders at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary to clean up or face penalties.

“This means that a USDA inspector has identified something that violates the Animal Welfare Act,” said Dr. Jack Kottwitz.

Kottwitz, who has consulted for animal sanctuaries across the country, including Noah’s Ark, told Channel 2 investigative reporter Ashli Lincoln that Noah’s Ark has gone years without receiving any violations, until now.

“I’ve been involved with Noah’s Ark since 2008 and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Kottwitz said.

Findings from a Nov. 9 document put the facility on warning regarding improper waste disposal from a September inspection where dead animal carcasses, trash and waste were found on property.

Channel 2 Action News checked past USDA inspection reports going back to 2014. All show Noah’s Ark as being in compliance with federal guidelines until this year.

“This year has changed everything,” Kottwitz said.


Channel 2 Action News has reported a monthslong battle of infighting between board members and employees.

We reached out to Noah’s Ark to see if things have been cleaned up.

In a statement, they say it takes time to remedy these issues. They say they’ve been cooperating with federal and state officials for months. Since that warning, they say, they’ve taken steps to address issues raised.

Noah’s Ark says the report does not reflect the current situation at the sanctuary.

Channel 2 Action News requested pictures of the improvements made, but Noah’s Ark said they could not provide us with pictures at this time.

The USDA reports that if violations continue, Noah’s Ark could face civil or criminal actions for violating the Animal Welfare Act.