Henry County

Officer said he expected more from department, county after being injured in line of duty

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — An officer injured in the line of duty three years ago says he expected more help from his department and the county.

Detective Taylor Webb with the Henry Count Police Department was injured responding to a call in the Eagle Ridge subdivision three years ago.

A pregnant woman and her teenage son were both killed, and the suspect took his own life following a 17-hour standoff.

Webb and his family told Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes that they have only been able to keep their home and care for their two children because of the help they got from fellow officers and from the community.

Webb said he expected more help from his department and the county.

“No one is helping, no one is supporting, no one is doing anything,” Webb said.

Webb has been in law enforcement for over a decade. His pride is displayed all over his house.

But when he got injured in the line of duty in April 2019, the agency and county he thought would support him, he said, just didn’t.

“We almost lost everything. We had our power cut off once, water cut off twice,” Webb said.


It all started with a 911 call saying a pregnant relative was unresponsive at a house in the Eagle Ridge subdivision.

Officers didn’t know that the suspect they’d soon encounter had already killed that pregnant woman.

“Almost as soon as I kicked in the door, maybe got one foot in the doorway, and somebody came down the flight of stairs and just started lighting me up. I took a round to the chest and a round to the left hip,” Webb said.

He believes the bullet hitting his radio saved his life.

Now he’s in a different battle, fighting for worker’s compensation and he thought he’d get more support from Henry County.

“Never once did we get a fundraiser from the county. Never once did Henry County Water Authority decide not to turn my water off,” Webb said.

Fernandes spoke to a representative for the county and the police department.

She said they wholeheartedly value and appreciate Webb as an officer and as a county employee.

They said Webb’s case is an open and ongoing workers compensation claim and the county’s benefits team is working to resolve this with Webb’s attorney.

They’re hoping for a resolution soon. A GoFundMe has been set up to help Webb with his expenses.