Homeowners nervous as multiple cars have left a busy roadway nearby and crashed onto their property

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman says she could have lost her husband when an SUV crashed into her garage where he normally hangs out. Malaika Morris says this is the fourth time a car has left busy State Road 42 near Amerson Court and crashed onto her or her neighbor’s property.

You can still see the tire tracks and a broken fence where the SUV crashed into her home and came to a stop inside her garage. Morris says when it crashed on March 9, it could have killed her husband. “He normally sit there and watches the tv,” Morris told Channel 2′s Tom Jones. “It would have been a direct line to him.”

Luckily both were out of town. “It’s scary. I’m very uncomfortable in my own home,” Morris offered. She says the SUV caused all kinds of damage to her home and knocked out her gas line. “This is where my gas line used to be,” she said, pointing to debris scattered outside her home. “As you can see I still have pieces of his car.”

Morris says this is the fourth time in eight years a car has left busy Highway 42 and crashed into her or her neighbor’s yard. She says they have had to repair fences on multiple occasions. “She actually has no fence anymore because they basically  took out her entire fence,” Morris pointed out.

Morris shared her neighbor’s doorbell camera video that shows a man outside his truck after crashing into her fence one night. You can hear the man frantically screaming. “I need help please. Call 911,” he said.

Morris says something needs to be done to keep her and her neighbor safe. Jones asked her, “What is the answer?” She said, “Some concrete barriers along this backroad. on State Road 42.” Morris says the Department of Transportation told her it would look into it but said it would take a while before the start of any work. She says she and her neighbor can’t wait. “They have to do something because someone’s gonna lose their life at some point,”

We reached out to the Department of Transportation to see what can be done to get this resolved. We are still waiting on a response.

Morris says her neighbor has two kids, and she has taken down the trampoline in the backyard because she fears for their safety. Morris thought about moving but says the housing market makes it difficult to do that right now. She says her anxiety attacks will continue as long as there is no concrete barrier separating her home from the highway.