Honey bees removed after trying to make Marietta home their hive

Marietta, Ga. — Some metro Atlanta homeowners have discovered that honeybees are moving into their homes without an invitation.

“You know, I think if I were the homeowner and had 100,000 living in my house, I’d probably be pretty scared,” said Bobby Chaisson of Georgia Bee Removal.

Chaisson is a professional in the field of bee removal. He recently removed about 2,000 bees from inside a Marietta home.

“I thought it was huge, the number of bees in there. Bobby said it was very small, but I thought it was huge. I’m just glad he got them out,” Brett Smith said.


The removal of the Marietta hive paled in comparison to a much larger hive removed from a Decatur home last week. It was located in the ceiling of a home with a honeycomb measuring 5 feet long, 18 inches across and more than a foot thick. This hive housed more than 100,000 bees.

“I have seen a few larger ones. But that one probably rates up there in the top 10. I’ve done over a thousand bee removals, so it was definitely on the larger scale,” Chaisson said.

Chaisson said bees find the narrowest of cracks in your home to settle in. Bees can make your home their home in a matter of minutes and, in most cases, this happens totally unnoticed.

“Once they’re inside your house and making honey, they don’t have a reason to make noise. The noise we hear them make is from their wings flapping,” Chaisson said.