How to survive digital learning and preserve everyone’s sanity

ATLANTA — Parents went thought a crash course in digital learning just two months ago.  Now we are all preparing for this next semester of “home schooling’ while juggling our lives. 

And the kids, well they may actually want to return to traditional school this fall. 

Channel 2′s Justin Farmer spoke to Dr. Laura Pacione, a leading expert with the World Health Organization about how we can make this digital schooling a success. 

Pacione says it is important to strike a balance.  She recommends a balance of routine and unstructured time. 

“Children really thrive off of consistency so it’s really important for the to know what is going to happen next and have a predictable routine”, said Pacione.

She says that letting kids play is equally important.  And the parents should get in on the fun too. 

Make it a priority to get in some of that unstructured time as well. Dr. Pacione suggests, “Let your kids show you how to play.  Get the to show you something on their toys and follow along as if you are a younger kid”.

Parents and kids also need to be aware of their feelings. 

“Recognize the stressfulness of this and be flexible and respectful of their own feelings”, advises Pacione. 

Parents can start brushing up now on how to handle digital learning. Pacione recommended several helpful websites.

The first website is helpful for when your kids are feeling lonely and isolated.

She also has a good guide with tips for the entire family’s mental health.

And if you need professional help, you should seek out those resources here: Information on parental coping with stress and how to access help - from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention