Investigation underway after takedown of an inmate at Gwinnett County Jail

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — One year ago, on May 5, inside the Gwinnett County Jail, two inmates got into a fight. The jail’s rapid response team rushed to get control of the situation. Bosses and now prosecutors said the leg control maneuver the deputies used was against policy and potentially criminal.

The two deputies were wearing body cameras that captured the incident. Audio from the body cameras was able to capture the exchange below.

“Here’s the deal. You won’t stop yelling. You yell one more time, I’m going all the way to your back. You understand?” said Deputy Hicks.

Deputy Hicks was fired by then-Sheriff Butch Conway. Gwinnett County’s new sheriff has reopened the investigation.

A commander retired in lieu of termination, and several others were either demoted or reprimanded for their lack of oversight.

Gwinnett prosecutors will soon be seeking criminal charges against Hicks.


During internal affairs questioning earlier this year, Hicks seemed to admit that he had stepped out of line.

When asked if he applied pressure on the leg lock, his response was, “Yes.”

“So I could finish my instructions,” Hicks said.

Other deputies tried to distance themselves from the action.

“I did as much as I could at my level,” said Deputy Joe Buice.

Gwinnett County has already paid millions in settlements to 100 past inmates for alleged abuses by the same team. One former deputy faces federal charges. And now, another court battle could be on the horizon.