Local girl with Edwards syndrome would be first to have special spinal surgery

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Little Georgia Minor is going places.

“We had to baby proof her room. I cried that day,” her mother Kimberly Minor said.

Happy tears. Channel 2 Action News first introduced you to Georgia three years ago. She was born with what’s known as Edwards syndrome — a cousin of Down syndrome, her mother says.

Only 50% of babies with the condition who are carried to term survive. Less than 10% make it to their first birthday.

Georgia just turned 5.

She will soon be on her way to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for an evaluation for spinal surgery that may change her life.

“There are patients who learn to walk, learn to talk,” Minor said.


She has already come so far. Years of physical therapy made a walker possible. She goes to school. Kimberly even convinced the state to take notice.

Last year, Gov. Brian Kemp issued a proclamation, which is leading to far more awareness and help for Edwards syndrome families.

Minor said some in the medical field recommended terminating the pregnancy.

She said other families received the same advice. But she said Georgia has been an inspiration.

“I truly believe in my heart that my kid is going to walk across that high school graduation stage, and I hope you guys are there to watch her do it,” Minor said.

Georgia will fly to St. Louis next week.