Local physician who participated in vaccine trial shares her experience

ATLANTA — A metro Atlanta physician who participated in the Pfizer vaccine trial shared her experience. Dr. Kinzi Shewmake, a Piedmont primary care physician, said she jumped at the chance to be part of the trial.

Shewmake said one reason is she’s concerned about her older parents and wanted to help protect people like them.

Shewmake said it was a blind trial. She doesn’t know yet if she got the vaccine or the placebo. She got two injections. She said after the first one, all she felt was a little aching in her arm. She said after the second injection, 21 days later, she felt some chills but no fever for about six hours and then felt fine.


She told Carol Sbarge she hopes other African Americans who see her participation will be encouraged to get the vaccine. This is as minorities are getting hit hard by coronavirus.

Shewmake said if she got the placebo, she would definitely get the vaccine. She said she’s excited to be a part of history. She hopes to someday tell her future grandchildren the pandemic was like something never seen before and that she was part of the solution.