Cobb County school board votes to ban Critical Race Theory in classrooms

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — The Cobb County school board voted Thursday night not to move forward with teaching Critical Race Theory in their classrooms.

Thursday’s meeting allowed community members to voice their opinion on the matter.

American history is taught in many different ways depending on which Georgia classroom you are in. The state board of education doesn’t like the current way kindergarten all the way through high school students are learning about racism.

The Cobb County school board opened up its meeting to the community for discussion on the matter.

“This is not new where they change history, where they change the narrative,” said Richard Rose, NAACP President of the Atlanta chapter.

Rose has been fighting for the rights of Black people since he was nine years old. He said that Critical Race Theory is simply telling the truth.

The theory is an academic concept saying racism is a social construct. It is not a product of individual bias or prejudice but its embedded in several systems and policies.

“Every system we have needs to be re-examined and modified to take any consideration that it has been racist and people have been oppressed and victimized by these systems,” Rose said.

Some Cobb County resident believe that something like this shouldn’t be taught in schools.

“They need to get this from their parents or their churches, I don’t think that’s something schools should be teaching our children,” said Sandy Whitehead.

Governor Brian Kemp doesn’t see it that way. He is quoted as saying, “Dangerous, anti-American ideology, and it has no place in Georgia classrooms.”

Rose sees things differently than Gov. Kemp.


“He cannot bring himself to admit that in general white men and women have an advantage in America. Georgia is a state where 98% of contracts go to white owned businesses and that tells us that the system has been racist,” Rose said.