Memorial continues to grow outside of grocery store where cashier was killed in DeKalb county

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The memorial in honor of LaQuitta Willis continues to grow bigger and bigger each day. She was shot to death inside of the Big Bear grocery store on Monday.

Her death has really touched the community.

Members of the community keep walking up with flowers, posters and even donations in hand. Willis worked at the Big Bear grocery store for ten years.

“She was very nice. I’ve been knowing her for 10 years. I have come in and she’s always been treated like family,” said friend Dorothy Ramsey.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot spoke with family members of Willis at the grocery store.

Phyllis Andrews, Willis’ cousin, was thanking visitors on behalf of the family and accepting donations to help pay for the funeral.

“It lets me know that my cousin was very loved from the community. Even when I came out here, there was a crowd of people out here, so I know that’s let me know the love is here,” said Andrews.

DeKalb police say a man named Victor Lee Tucker Jr. got into a fight with Willis because he refused to follow store policy and wear a mask. They say Tucker walked out then returned with a gun and shot her.


Retired DeKalb police officer and security guard Danny Jordan shot Tucker before Tucker also wounded him. Both are expected to recover.

Andrews says the turnout of community support helps, but nothing takes the pain away.

“It makes the heart even heavier because it’s like reality is really starting to sink in like all this love is really for my cousin,” said Andrews.