Metro-Atlanta police departments look for new strategies to fight crime

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News was allowed inside a crime-fighting strategy session on Wednesday at the Atlanta Police Department.

Law enforcement leaders from across the metro area — from the FBI to Fulton County to DeKalb, were invited to the meeting by APD police Chief Rodney Bryant.

“When we’re working more collectively and more cohesively together we have a greater impact on what we’re seeing,” Bryant said.

So far in 2022, Atlanta is seeing a rising homicide rate, up 71% when compared to this time last year.

“This is what this meeting is about, to see how can we interrupt this from a police perspective,” Bryant said.

Bryant believes by sharing ideas and working together, law enforcement across the metro can help bring those numbers down.


“Most of our crime to include aggravated assaults are down, so it’s unique to see homicides continue to climb,” Bryant said.

The law enforcement leaders also talked about ways to stop repeat offenders and put the brakes on street racing.

After the meeting, East Point’s police chief, Shawn Buchanan, told Channel 2 Action News that it’s becoming a problem there, too.

“We’re working with the city of Atlanta and the surrounding jurisdictions to help us out, so all of us working together is going to make a big difference,” said Buchanan.

APD also continues to deal with a staffing problem. Bryant says the department remains down more than 300 officers, but says he’s actively working to fill those positions.