Metro residents are reporting seeing coyotes roaming in their neighborhoods

ATLANTA — Atlanta residents seeing an occasional coyote is not a new occurrence. Residents are now reporting seeing greater numbers in many more neighborhoods than before.

“You’ll hear a group of them yipping when they catch something. it can be kind of chilling to hear that sound at night,” said Mary Baron.

Baron has heard coyotes in her Fulton County neighborhood.

Some people believe the growth and development of the metro has something to do with the influx of coyote sightings.

“They’re panicking! they’re running out of natural habitat,” said Peter Williams.

Late last week, a security camera captured a pack of eight coyotes roaming a Marietta neighborhood.

“i’ve only seen individual coyotes but my neighbors have seen packs... 3, 4, 5 with adults and pups on the move,” said Williams.

Baron, a Sandy Springs resident, shared photos of a recent encounter in April. Her dogs alerted her to the presence of coyotes.


“They were barking at the coyote and in response, the coyote sat down and watched my dogs for a little bit and then when i brought my dogs in , the coyote got up for quietly and walked away,” said Baron.

There have been reports of coyotes attacking and killing small animals.

A spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources says we can expect to see an increase because Spring and Summer is when pups are born.

People can keep their pets safe by removing heavy brush that is near the home, fencing any area where pets will be outside and never leaving pets alone on evenings or overnight.