Metro woman hits speeds over 100 mph because she is late for work

DULUTH, Ga. — Pooja Patel was clocked going over 100 miles per hour as she zipped through the streets of Duluth. The fast and furious driving caught the attention of Duluth police.

Patel dashed past a Duluth officer in a speeding Ford Mustang. Duluth Police Officer Ted Sadowski was able to capture it on his dashcam.

“At first, it’s kind of was a normal traffic stop,” Sadowski said.

Sadowski can be heard on the same dashcam video saying, “Got a black Mustang taking off from me at 90 miles an hour.”

Patel continues to pick up speed. And as the Mustang galloped into another gear, Sadowski calls off the pursuit. Patel began to top speeds over 100 miles per hour as she blew through intersections.

Patel escaped the long arm of the law just for a moment.

Camera recordings in the area helped police track down the car leaving an apartment complex the next day.

The police were then able to identify the car owner, who was able to tell them the driver of the vehicle on the day in question.


The police arrested Patel, who then offered an explanation for wild driving the day before.

“I was really, really late to my work. So I just overspeed,” Patel said.

Police said she nearly caused several accidents as she ran red lights and topped 100 miles per hour on Sugarloaf Parkway.

Patel was in jail for a few hours before bonding out. She was charged with reckless driving, speeding, eluding police and other charges.

“It could have been a lot worse than it was,” Sadowski said.