New facilities open as Georgia’s importance in the film industry grows

ATLANTA — A center that hopes to revolutionize Georgia’s film industry just opened in southwest Atlanta.

It’s a one-stop shop for almost anything a producer would need to make a movie.

“We put together a concept to bring together people from all over the film and TV industry that needed to be able to work here in Atlanta but didn’t have the infrastructure,” said Jay Rabbit, owner of the ICP Production Centre.

In all, four companies call the 30,000-square-foot facility home, providing everything from lighting to staging and set design equipment.

One of those companies is All Access, which is building part of the stage for this weekend’s Academy Awards.

The co-owner of All Access, Bob Hughes, talked with us from Los Angeles.

“The Oscars is Hollywood’s biggest night,” said Hughes. “And we have a pretty big presence in Hollywood and hoping for the same in Atlanta as time goes.”

All Access opened their Atlanta hub just this year, where the company is already working to build stages for a variety of shows.

With new facilities like the ICP Centre, they believe the best days for Atlanta’s growing film industry are still ahead.

“Our opening up in Atlanta was necessitated by so many of my television clients moving east,” said Hughes.