Overall Thanksgiving travel will be down for Georgia, AAA says

Overall Thanksgiving travel will be down for Georgia, AAA says

ATLANTA — Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport say it could be the busiest day yet of the season at the airport, even though the CDC has said you should stay home if you can.

The airport says they’ll be down 40 percent from the peak last year.

Overall, AAA predicts travel to drop about 10 percent, but slightly less for Georgia.

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That means many will chose to drive to their Thanksgiving destination rather than fly, and the numbers can still change due to many making that travel decision at the last minute.

Channel 2 Action News talked to many passengers who still feel safe, who are taking precautions and still visiting family despite all the recent warnings.

“We haven’t seen our kids in a year, but we’re going anyway,” said traveler Justin Eisner.

“I don’t plan to see my grandparents and anything like that, because they are getting up in age, but to see my family, I think it’s worth it,” another passenger said.

Even down 40 percent, Atlanta airport officials expects 1.1 million passengers from Monday through Sunday.

But for those choosing to hit the roads, drivers could see less people on the interstates.

“In Georgia, there’s a little over six percent reduction in numbers, that’s total. Certainly, automobile and air travel is down. Overall, we’re expecting the largest decrease in number since the great recession in 2008,” said AAA spokesperson Garrett Townsend.

AAA says just plan ahead, and if headed out of state, check the rules where you’re going.

“It’s really important for you to know what the situation is there, are there local restrictions that may be in place?” Townsend said.

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