Paulding County school transitions into “hybrid” schedule

A complete school closure is something some parents say they don’t want to see.

For now, the buses in Paulding County are running and parents hope it stays that way, even if it means a hybrid plan.

“We need continuity. We need things to stay one way, and stay that way moving forward,” said parent Spence Bowen.

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Bowen has two daughters at South Paulding High School.

Beginning today, the school has transitioned to a “hybrid” schedule, with students split into two groups.

They’ll be on-campus twice a week and have digital learning three days a week.

“I think, at least right now, if we can have a hybrid plan and stick to that. I think that’s a positive thing,” Bowen said.


Dr. William Yates is a former trauma surgeon who developed temperature scanning devices for schools and non-profits. We showed him South Paulding’s hybrid plan.

Yates says he has doubts on the plan.

“This plan, to me, is a little light and they’re going to have problems very soon with this,” Yates said.

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The superintendent and the principal say this plan will reduce half the number of students on campus, improve traffic flow in hallways, and help mitigate other challenges.

“It’s okay because it limits the class size and I think that’s a good idea. But I think we’re missing the main science,” Yates said. “If you’re not wearing a mask there’s going to be a problem. I think they’re setting themselves up for failure.”

Masks are recommended but not mandatory in Paulding County schools. The school district has not set a timeline for the South Paulding’s hybrid schedule.