The ‘Rally Nuns’ may be the Astros’ biggest fans in the World Series showdown with the Braves

HOUSTON, Tx. — The Houston Astros have a group of fans who are getting a lot of attention around the world as viewers tune in to watch the World Series.

These fans wear a much simpler uniform than the blue and orange worn by their favorite squad.

The Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province are mostly educators, teaching school-aged and college students. Based in Houston, it’s no shock that they would support their hometown heroes, the Astros.

“We pray for all teams because we’re all God’s children and God loves each one of us unconditionally, so we should love all our brothers and sisters as well, but for the Astros we pray a little harder,” said Sister Marie Therese.

They don’t even watch TV, but keep up with the Astros score.

“When we’re here at the game there are so many people standing and cheering and that’s what the world should be. We should be living in harmony with joy and peace rather than division,” said Therese.

A local businessman gave the ladies of faith post-season Astros tickets. The city of Houston credits their divine presence with post-season success.

One sister even threw out the first pitch in the Astros’ game against the Red Sox.


They’ve become a sensation in Houston! But the Astros’ real life ‘angels in the outfield’ say they’re sending prayers to the Atlanta braves too.