Rapper T.I. gives away 1,000 turkeys to deserving families in Atlanta

Rapper T.I. gives 1,000 turkeys to deserving families in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Hundreds of local families are waking up with food to put on the table this Thanksgiving and it’s all thanks to Atlanta-native and Grammy-winning rapper and actor T.I.

“It’s just working together, coming together and making this a big event,” said T.I.’s mother, Violeta Morgan.

Clifford Harris, better known as T.I., and his family gave away 1,000 turkeys, bags of greens and even desert.

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T.I. hosted his 15th annual turkey giveaway in northwest Atlanta on Tuesday.

Organizers pre-selected deserving families to drive-thru and pick up the items at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church.


T.I. partnered with Atlanta City Councilwoman Andrea Boone, who says this really is a community event.

“We have over 1,500 people from various neighborhoods, surrounding this community. From the center hill community, H.E. Holmes, Adamsville, and Carol and Collier Heights have all joined us,” Boone said.

Nearby along Edgewood Avenue in southeast Atlanta, restaurant Slutty Vegan handed out free coats for anyone who needs one.

“We wanted to make sure Atlanta had what they need in spite of this pandemic and the last thing you should be trying to figure out is if you’re going to be warm. It’s colder outside, the weather is dropping,” said Slutty Vegan owner Pinky Cole.

The restaurant is also gave away free food to healthcare providers and essential workers, like firefighters, police officers and trash collectors, and residents at local senior centers.

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