Rideshare driver is accused of murdering one passenger and wounding another

ATLANTA — Nigel Nembhard faces murder and aggravated assault charges in the shooting death of a passenger he was driving through his job with Uber.

Nembhard’s attorney doesn’t think he should have been arrested. He believes the whole incident was self-defense.

The mother of the passenger who died wants answers about what happened that day at the gas station in northeast Atlanta.

“I need to know why. I need to know why it happened,” said Alesia Watson, mother of the deceased passenger.

Watson is desperate to find out why, according to police, a rideshare driver shot and killed her 34-year-old son, Kevin Fulton. She said her son, a recent Morehouse graduate, didn’t deserve to die this way.

“When I got the call that Kevin was gone, my heart broke,” said Watson.

Atlanta police said Nembhard got into a dispute with Fulton, Anthony Boyd and Deshaun Boyd at this Chevron on Monroe at around 5 a.m.

The affidavit surrounding the incident alleges Nembhard attempted to drop the three men off at the Chevron just short of their destination. It states Fulton and Anthony Boyd got out of the car. Fulton and Nembhard began to argue. The document indicates Anthony Boyd spat onto the car and in Nembhard’s direction. It goes on to state Fulton braced himself against the car, and Nembhard shot Fulton and Anthony Boyd.

Boyd survived, but Fulton did not.

“Why did he have a gun in the car with him? Why, why, why did he shoot my son in the back?” said Watson.

Police said they found a gun on Anthony Boyd.

Defense attorney Jackie Patterson represents Nembhard.

“He shot this individual because his life was in fear from when he saw a weapon,” said Patterson.


Patterson said the men were unruly, and his client called the police on them earlier. He said they threatened to kill the driver.

“This is a textbook case of self-defense,” said Patterson.

Police said Anthony Boyd is a convicted felon. He could possibly face charges for having a weapon.