South Fulton County

South Fulton city manager claims city council members, mayor creating hostile workplace

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned that there are accusations of a hostile workplace from the city manager for the city of South Fulton.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes has obtained a copy of a four-page letter that City of South Fulton city manager Tammi Sadler Jones sent to the mayor and city council claiming recent conduct is an attack on her character.

Those city leaders told Fernandes on Friday that the letter claiming a hostile work environment is just a distraction from what they’re describing as the city manager not doing her job.

They say the letter is in retaliation because the city manager’s job may be in jeopardy.

In the letter, Sadler Jones said, “I am regularly publicly berated, demeaned, and humiliated by certain City Council Members …. This conduct is an attack on my character and a clear violation of the Decorum Ordinance.”

The council members she’s talking about are District 3 Councilwoman Helen Willis and District 6 Councilwoman Natasha Williams.

Fernandes spoke to both of them on Friday.


“It’s important to understand that she is raising these claims at the two of us because we’re digging into the way she is not doing her job,” Williams said.

Williams went on to say that they received multiple allegations from South Fulton employees saying there are some major financial issues within the city.

They said millions of dollars in CARES Act funds are in jeopardy and when they questioned the city manager about it publicly, she didn’t like it.

The councilwomen said that’s why Sadler Jones sent the letter to the mayor and council.

“This is retaliation. She picks and chooses when she wants to hold people accountable and when she doesn’t,” Willis said.

“This is retaliation to try to prevent this council from holding the city manager accountable for failing to do her job,” Williams said.

There was also an incident during a council meeting where Willis said she’s putting her foot on the city manager’s neck.

Sadler Jones said it was the most embarrassing moment of her career.

Fernandes asked Willis about it on Friday and Willis said she didn’t mean it in an offensive way.