Woman stabbed multiple times in Lyft then hit by another car

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman is recovering after she ran into the street to get away from someone who stabbed her inside a Lyft car.

But Channel 2's Matt Johnson learned that the man who accidentally hit her with his car may have saved her life.

“I hit the brakes, though, to avoid from hitting her,” Tyron Bush said.

Bush said it was too late by the time he noticed the woman running in the road in front of him.

He said he did all he could, but police say the woman was desperately trying to get away from whoever stabbed her.

“It looks like she was trying to get away from them when she ran out in front of my truck. I tried to stop before I hit her, but she still got hit,” Bush said.


It happened at around 11 p.m. Tuesday near Butner Road and Fair Ridge in the city of South Fulton.

Bush told Johnson that he called 911 as he noticed stab wounds all over the woman's body.

“She was trying to give me her mother’s number to call her, but she kept passing out. But I told the police, 'Y’all need to get her some help real fast,'” Bush said.

Police say some sort of argument inside a Lyft car led to the stabbing. They say the victim was sharing a car with someone who stabbed her.

“We're still trying to determine the exact location they were picked up and also their relationship at this point," said Sgt. Jubal Rogers, with the city of South Fulton Police Department.

Police say the Lyft driver and Bush stayed on the scene. Bush may have even saved the woman's life.

“Didn’t nobody want to help her. I parked my car and stopped all the cars from hitting her, because cars were about to run over her,” Bush said.