Teen accused of murdering a 3-year-old asks judge to throw out interview with police

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Christopher Cullins is accused of shooting and killing 3-year-old T’rhigi Diggs in 2018.

Attorneys for Cullins filed motions to have him released from jail.

Diggs’ family was outside of the DeKalb County courthouse protesting before today’s hearing. They have been demanding justice for Diggs.

“My grand baby was innocent, He was in the backseat sleeping,” said the grandmother of Diggs.

The toddler was killed after someone fired shots from a paintball gun at Cullins while driving by.

Police say Cullins grabbed a real gun after the paintball attack. It is believed while firing at his intended target, Diggs was caught in the crossfire.


Police say that when the shooting happened in April of 2018 Cullins’ mother admitted to witnessing her son shoot at passing cars.

She also gave police permission for Cullins to be interviewed without her being present.

Police say it is during that interview he admitted to firing a gun at the paintball shooters.

Cullins’ attorney is now asking the judge to toss that interview out as evidence in the case.

The judge did not make a decision today and still needs to hear from more witnesses.