What you need to do to protect your home from falling trees during storms

ATLANTA — With the recent rain, there's a danger of more falling trees.

Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologist Eboni Deon talked to a certified arborist who explained ways you can prepare to protect your home.

“What to do in preparation, I would say have your trees inspected and have your trees pruned before the storms come in,” Peter Jenkins said.

Jenkins said it’s preventative maintenance.

“If you have a big tree, especially if it has a little bit of a lean toward your house, it’s good to get it inspected for health and risk,” Jenkins said.

“You want to know they’re healthy and they’re going to stand up,” Jenkins said.

If you’re going to prune your tree, do it with good reason.


“Like dead branches, that is the best reason. You want to take out the dead branches before they fall,” Jenkins said.

If you’re concerned about damage, Jenkins said, “the main thing you should look for is the lean. That’s the No. 1 thing to do. Where does it lean towards?”

Keep track of your trees, especially if they’re within range of your house. When storms approach, if you have a tree aiming toward your house you can try to get out of harm’s way

“If it’s going to strike one side of the house, you’ll probably want to move to the other side of the house,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said it’s best to get your large trees inspected every 2-3 years or right after a big storm event to see if the storm has affected them.